As governments struggle under mounting sovereign debt loads, they continue to react with the only tool they have left – currency debasement. As the value of money is continuously eroded it begs the question of how to preserve capital. OtterWood Capital is agnostic as to whether capital markets are in crisis mode or relative calm. As guardians of capital, OtterWood will invest in the appropriate asset classes for the macroeconomic environment. While capital appreciation is important, capital preservation is paramount.

Macro Insights & Research

OtterWood Capital offers an exclusive teaching tool to empower individuals to make sound financial decisions. Our subscription based service teaches investors about the macroeconomic environment and helps them protect capital and build wealth.

  • Bear market has begun but it’s not 2008. This downturn will be front end loaded, as we are seeing now
  • China is in between a rock and a hard place and pressure will remain on commodities and markets until they address their currency woes
  • The US economy will slow down enough to ultimately force the Fed's hand into printing more money (the Fed will engage in QE4)

Wealth Management

OtterWood Capital manages discretionary investment portfolios for dedicated clients using our unique approach. As macro advisors we take a top down view of the global economy to see the ripple effects of the factors shaping today’s financial markets and industries.